Peer Reviewed Publications

– 2019 –

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– 2018 – 

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– 2017 – 

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– 2016 – 

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– 2015 –

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– 2014 –

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– 2013 –

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– 2012 –

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          Selected as Editor’s Pick Please see animations showing how community composition could alter evolutionary outcomes


– 2011 –

7)  Turcotte, M. M. -- Ph.D. ThesisExperimental Tests of Rapid Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in a Plant-Herbivore System.  University of California Riverside. Advisors David. N. Reznick & Daniel J. Hare.       (pdf)

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            Selected by Faculty of 1000    --    Press Release

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–  ≤2010  –

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