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The Turcotte lab is looking for curious and motivated students and postdocs interested in addressing ecological and evolutionary questions using integrative methods. My philosophy as a mentor is to guide and create opportunities for students in order for them to become well-rounded independent researchers. 




The University of Pittsburgh is a leading research university and the Department of Biological Sciences is a dynamic and growing team of enthusiastic researchers and educators. Students can be co-advised by faculty at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens among other institutions. The department also runs the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology , which is equipped with lab space and housing to facilitate field-based research in northwestern Pennsylvania.
     The City of Pittsburgh is a vibrant and beautiful place to live (info). It is often voted the ‘Most Livable city in the U.S.’ (info). One of the many reasons is how affordable it is to rent or own a home in the city within walking distance of campus. Important for my family, Pittsburgh has a fantastic food scene (info) and a diverse and growing Arts & Entertainment scene.  

Postdoc in Experimental Evolutionary Ecology

I am hiring a postdoc to experimentally test the dynamic interplay between rapid evolution and community ecology in the field. Field experiments could be combined with lab experiments, modeling, comparative approaches, or theoretical development. Although I have some projects in mind, this position is independent of current grants and thus allows you to develop your own research questions. Start date is flexible but I would prefer the candidate to begin as soon as possible.  

The Department of Biological Sciences at Pitt is a dynamic and growing team of enthusiastic researchers and educators (6 new Assistant Prof. hires in E&E in the last 1.5 years). The department also runs the Pymatuning Lab of Ecology, which is equipped with lab space and housing to facilitate field-based research.  

Requirements: Candidates must have a PhD in Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, or related topics. The position is for 1 year with the option to extend for up to 2 more years. A valid drivers license is required. 

To apply for the position please send an email to me ( including a cover letter stating why you are interested in the lab and your past research experience. Please also include your C.V., the contact information for three references, and up to 3 PDFs of relevant publications or manuscripts in prep. Applicants should submit their materials by March 30, 2018 to ensure full consideration.

Prospective Graduate Students

I am looking for PhD students especially those interested in experimental evolutionary-ecology. All graduate students in the department are provided with a competitive stipend and benefits for 5 years through a combination of fellowships, TAships, and research assistantships. Although funding from the lab itself is available, I expect all prospective students to apply for external funding. Please see here for more details on the graduate programs in the department and how to apply. Well before applying you should contact me ( with a short paragraph stating why you are interested in the lab and describe your past research experience. Please include your C.V., any publications, and contact information for a few references. There is also space available for current graduate students looking to do a lab rotation. 

Prospective Undergraduates

Many opportunities exist for undergraduate students to gain research experience. These include independent research projects, collaborative projects with graduate students, or simply volunteering. Interested students should contact me ( to discuss possibilities. In the email, please tell me why you are interesting in joining the lab and please attach a C.V. and an unofficial copy of your grades.